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内蒙古快三girl student taking a test

COVID 19 impact: Seeking alternatives to standardized testing

Because of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Education Department is letting states cancel standardized tests. As a result, 内蒙古快三 is the first year without federally mandated standardized testing in nearly two decades. Education professor James Kirylo writes in The Conversation that school systems can take advantage of this remarkable time to seek alternatives to standardized tests.

内蒙古快三Breakthrough Leader: Lorne Hofseth

Breakthrough Leader: Lorne Hofseth

When the University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy and the Center for Colon Cancer Research recruited Lorne Hofseth as one of the center’s first faculty hires in 2004, they knew they had a rising star on their hands.

内蒙古快三protester holds sign calling to close the border

COVID-19 impact: Language differences spark fear amid pandemic

As the coronavirus spreads around the globe, it can cause a fear of others, especially strangers, who may or may not have taken proper precautions against spreading the disease. This fear can cause people to be on heightened alert for anyone who might be different. English professors Stanley Dubinsky, Michael Gavin and doctoral student Kaitlyn Smith write for The Conversation about how language differences can contribute to discrimination.

内蒙古快三ruins of the lumber mill that are now visible on the shores of Lake Marion

Honors senior's thesis project explores history of a former SC mill town

When 89-year-old Richard Mims was just a boy in the 1930s, he remembers playing a game he called “Executive” in the abandoned offices of the Santee River Cypress Lumber Co. in Ferguson near his 内蒙古快三town of Eutawville, South Carolina. The once-thriving mill town now lies underwater, part of the region flooded to create Lake Marion. Mims shared his memories in an oral history recorded by South Carolina Honors College graduate Caldwell Loftis.

内蒙古快三Hank Johnson

Class of 内蒙古快三: Hank Johnson

The coronavirus disrupted Hank Johnson's job search plans, but the new visual communications graduate is continuing on his path to a future in video, design or creative direction.

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